We can help to protect your safety!

Having the ability to limit unauthorized entry to your business is just one of the benefits of access control systems. Electronic Access Control Systems from Ipro Tech Solution allows you to restrict access to your facility or to security sensitive areas of your business. An access control system identifies each person by means of a card or fob, which is presented to a reader located at the entrance to each access-controlled area. Ipro Access Control systems adds protection to your business by monitoring or limiting access points.

We can offer you flexible solutions to help control who (and what) enters and exits your business utilizing audio and video intercom systems, card-swipe readers and access solutions to guard sensitive information or materials. With our Access Control system, all activities are logged to allow tracking of employees, visitors and contractors within your facility.

We have a system for your needs no matter the nature or number of your entry points, and with one of our systems you can minimize the sacrificed convenience that the increased control will give you. Whether applied to a single door, or multiple entry points, access control allows a variety of configurations to track entries and exits based on the time of day, day of the week, or on a person-by-person basis.