CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV Surveillance system

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CCTV systems or Closed Circuit Television Systems are the most basic need in electronic security. Ipro provides a full range of CCTV systems ranging from miniature Dome cameras, Cmount cameras, IP cameras, wireless IP cameras from global leaders. CCTV Systems help in Surveillence and crime detection. We are reputed organization known for supplying CCTV Systems that can be used by various sectors for different kinds of applications like commercial banks, shopping malls, casinos, airports, military base, supermarket, jewelry store, corporate houses, factory, plant, warehouses, offices and many other places.

CCTV Cameras

We empower the modern world by providing Wireless Security Cameras & CCTV Security Camera so that everyone in this world can keep close surveillance over any activity, especially bad or criminal nature. Our security cameras are an artistic creation of technology and CCTV monitoring that works throughout the day that too without any flaws. We believe that security can prevent any unpleasant incident, even in your own home. Hence, we offer modernistic home security cameras,security surveillance camera,cctv monitoring systems.

CCTV Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are named for their dome like shape. Dome cameras are commonly used in Surveillance Systems inside of Casinos, Retail Stores, and Restaurants. Dome cameras are more fashionable and blend in very well to their surroundings and because of their dome shape, it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of a Dome Camera is actually aiming. With the help of our experienced & talented workforce, we are able to serve our clients with varieties of Dome Camera.


An Ipro CCTV Camera Lens provides the optimal solution to catch various scenes under different conditions or environments. Our Manual Iris Lenses are suitable for various kinds of CCTV fixed cameras, offering the ultimate in flexible security.
Features :
High-resolution quality even in low luminance.
Excellent surveillance solution for customers.

CCTV IR Dual Cameras

Our Infrared security cameras have the capability to capture video in low light and no light areas. Infrared Cameras can capture acceptable video in total darkness and even better quality video in low light. IR Dual Camera has two cameras color camera and B&W Camera used for complete outdoor surveillance. Color Camera is used for day light condition and when the IR LEDs are auto switched ON in the night mode, it switches OFF the color camera and switches ON the B&W camera. As B&W camera needs lesser light, with IR it delivers an excellent picture quality in night condition too.


We have a wide range of digital video recorders designed to be used with our closed-circuit television systems. We believe that the CCTV DVR recorders we supply are among the best available and each one must pass our rigorous quality control tests before being declared fit for sale. In addition to being able to record multiple camera feeds on hard drives from 250 GB to 12 TB in size, many models provide network connectivity that enables shopkeepers to remotely monitor the feed from their closed-circuit television system.

CCTV IP Cameras

An Internet protocol (IP) camera from Ipro allows you to securely receive data via a computer network, as well as the Internet – making it easy to keep an eye on your business from virtually anywhere. An IP Camera is a stand-alone device which allows you to view live, full motion video from anywhere in the world. We offer wide range of high quality IP Cameras which can be used for surveillance of both homes and businesses with the ability to record live video to a remote location, it allow you to make sure your recorded video is safe by storing it at a location that only you can access.

CCTV IR Cameras

Infrared cameras use cutting-edge technology to sense low-light conditions and automatically switch to infrared lights. Our line of IR cameras provide a clearer and deeper-distance picture. An IR camera uses heat detection technology in order to capture pictures even in the darkest environments. The infrared cameras which we offer here are some of the highest quality products available on the market. Some of our hi-def IR cameras have facial recognition even in pitch black environments.